Saturday, August 11, 2012

Its only been a year!!

So its been about a year since I posted, but I wanted to share photos of Gwen and Bianca's birthday party. AND I don't want to overload facebook with my boring old pictures.

Gwen and Bia had a combined party. Gwen wanted a rainbow party and, of course, Bia went along for the ride. It was really fun!

I made a few paper rosettes! haha.
We had chocolate covered oreos and rainbow m&m's. (I just picked out all the brown ones and Bia ate them!)
And we had a rainbow fruit platter.
The girls and I made this giant balloon banner. This is how we learned how.
Brian actually took some pics while I wasn't in the room. He is a little more artistic than me!

My cake:

I copied it from Whisk Kid. She seems pretty cool! It was yummy!
I also made a balloon wreath.

I think Naomi has reached the "I think its cool not to smile" phase.
We got a good one!
Brian told them a joke. "What's black and white and red all over..." That's as far as he got and they laughed!
Gwen blew out all of the candles. I may have bought trick candles...I'm still not sure.
Its serious business:
She liked it!
Gwenie did too:
And then they all just played by themselves....
 Not really. They were very good at sharing all of their presents with their friends.
I got them presents too. We just gave them to them on Gwen's actual birthday to celebrate the actual day.
They each got a new baby doll, a doctor kit to share, and Gwen got a princess dress and wings (from daddy). Really, I purchased them, wrapped them, and left them in the garage for him to bring in when he got home! She was ecstatic that daddy bought her special presents!


lisa poreba burgess said...

Everything looked beautiful (a lot of work!) I'm sure the girls will remember this party forever!

Linda said...

You always do such a great job! Happy Birthday to your sweet little girls!!

Janet Dougherty said...

WOW!! Everything looks so colorful and fun. Sorry I missed this one. You did a great job Carrie. The girls look real happy.

Chanda said...

Carrie, I LOVE it. You need to show me how to make those rosettes. And the wreath--beautiful.

Diane said...

I LOVE all of the rainbow stuff! It looks amazing!

Nataly Harris said...

I am AMAZED! I didn't know you had a blog let alone such fabulous decorating ideas and talents!
I'm glad you posted this link on FB so we could all see! :)