Friday, January 21, 2011

Ice Cream Trucks

You know how a lot of people are afraid of clowns? Well I definitely don't enjoy them! But I also do not like anyone who dresses up for a living. Halloween is a different story as everyone is dressing up, and I love it! The people who work at Disney - all of them are creeps, I know it! Its not so much the people. I am sure if I knew someone who dressed up everyday or was a clown I wouldn't hate them. However, when I see someone dressed up it freaks me out!! When Brian and I went to Disney for our honeymoon he did a great job of making sure I was walking as far away from them as possible. You know how they all like to come up and touch you or taunt you. I hate that crap! It is definitely worse if I can't see their faces. Disney princesses - not so bad. Mickey and Goofy - keep them away!

Today, I realized there is something that I dislike and distrust as much as people who dress up for a living! The ice cream truck! Its just creepy and ominous!! That tinkly sweet music that draws the children in. Makes me wanna hurl! They drive all slow down our street waiting for kids to run over to them. Its creepy I tell ya! And just plain wrong! This is odd considering how much I LOVE ice cream. Having someone deliver it to my doorstep should be wonderful! But its not! I gave the guy the eye as I drove past him today. You know he has ulterior motives! Perhaps I was just extra suspicious because he is driving the ice cream truck down our streets in January!!! For goodness sake!

It was just surprising to me how upset it made! I didn't realize I felt this way until today, but now I know, and I will be protesting ice cream trucks from now on. Just like people who leave their Christmas lights up and ON until February!! Ok I start yelling about it on January 2nd, but that is just me being crazy. I believe in a 10 day leeway to take them down.


LeslieK said...

I so could have written this post!! Keith makes fun of me all.the.time. because I'm freaked out by the costumes where you can't see their real faces.

Ditto on ice cream trucks too- creepy!!

Anonymous said...

Ya I agree those with covered faces can be creepy. As far as it being January and ice cream trucks out...they need to make a living too. They probably have a family and need to sell some ice cream, even in January. I think the creepiest guys are the ones with tons of hair and full beards...creeeeepy. (shivers)