Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Baby blessing

From 2010
We blessed Bianca on Sunday. Brian gave her a sweet blessing. Then we had some friends and family over for sandwiches. We had brian's brothers Tim and Tracy and cousin Natalie. Our friends Beth, Claysons, Uzelacs, Shroeders, Rob, Nicole, and Carrie and her family. Oh Not me Carrie, a Carrie from Brians work. Bianca was sweet all day! She wore the blessing dress that my mother-in-law made when Naomi was born from leftover material from my wedding dress.

Gwen was not having a good day that day. She was just kinda sullen. And she needed to show that in the picture.


Alison said...

You have such a cute little family. Natalie told me that she got to hang out with you guys and I was pretty jealous.

P.S. Is Brian the only Ruggles boy that actually has hair? ;) Dang, his hair is LONG!

P.S.S. You look GREAT in this picture!

Robin said...

I'm glad her blessing day went so well. I too am impressed with Brian's hair. He's definately not a BYU student any more:) (Stan's so tired of the shaving and then he gets a job at a military base and it's pretty much mandatory. Oh well)

Amy said...

Your girls are so pretty - and YOU are so pretty! What a beautiful day.

jamirodana said...

Cute little family!
Love all of the pics!
I think Bianca has to be one of the prettiest babies I've seen!!

Carrie said...

Thanks everyone! Ali, is Adam losing his hair? It just looked short in the recent pictures. And Craig doesn't seem to be TOO bad. But I don't know. Brian is growing his out sort of as an in your face, I still have hair statement.

Alan and Kiersten said...

oh my gosh! that picture at the top of your girls is GORGEOUS! love it! your fam is so cute!