Thursday, May 13, 2010

I cannot decide!

I have been trying to figure out what temporary sleeping device I should purchase for when Bianca is born. I have 3 options.

A Bassinet like this one:

It has storage underneath and the bassinet comes off so I can carry it to any room in the house, convenient for having the baby sleep downstairs in particular. And once it is downstairs it will be on the floor where the girls will probably disturb her. But it doesn't have much use after she is sleeping in her crib.

A Mini Pack and Play like this one:

It is small enough to move through the doorways so I could pull it to other rooms but getting it downstairs would be more complicated. However, it can then be used to keep her safe once she is able to sit up - but I never really did that with the other two girls. And its good if we travel later on. She can still sleep in it once she is older. Added benefit to this one is that it matches our bedroom exactly. haha.

Or this Rock n' Play Sleeper:

It folds up so I can easily get it downstairs and it is taller than just a bouncer so I can reach her from the bed. But she would have to be strapped in and that is more complicated since I will probably be swaddling her. Oh, it also rocks! That could be useful. Once again it does not have much use once she is in her crib.

I will have a bouncer that will be used downstairs mostly and she could sleep in that occasionally for naps etc. That is what I did mostly with Gwen anyway - had the bouncer in the living room and a pack and play in my bedroom for night time.

Slight side note: My doctor wrote in the date August 16th to induce me so as long as I am dialated by that date I will be having her on the 16th.


Karen said...

my neice (7 months) sleeps in the swing or bouncer when she is downstairs and her crib when she is upstairs. my nephew was a preemie so when he finally came home he slept swaddled then in a boppy. He had to feel like someone was holding him or he wouldn't sleep. weird huh...all depends on what you want and how long term you want to use your item that you are buying...good luck!

Nathan & Katelyn said...

I would go with the pack and play... Im surprised you dont already have one after already having two babies! The bassinet is nice because its pretty, but honestly after she's 2-3-4 months old, its useless and you probably cant sell it for as much as you bought it for. The rocker thingy is SO CUTE! and a great idea but like the bassinet, she's going to grow out of it so soon, it wont be worth it. The pack and play is perfect for newborn stage all the way to toddlerhood. Especially nice for when you travel. Plus, its ADORABLE! Good luck deciding, definately let us know your choice!

ps- loveeee the name bianca!

LeslieK said...

I vote pack and play too...that's all we have for Landon and it's been great.
The mini one would be better though, so it could fit through doors, but it might be difficult to take up and down stairs.
At Target, they have a bouncy seat that bounces itself!!! That's what I'm getting for our next baby...
And ditto on the swaddle in the Boppy- that's how Landon slept for a long time, and when it was bedtime, we put the Boppy in the pack and play. Just be careful- we had to keep an eye on Landon once he started moving more, he would get himself stuck under the Boppy sometimes.

jeanine said...

I too am voting for the pack and play. That's what all my babies sleep in until they move to a crib... plus you can travel with it. And if you needed to use it to contain them once they are crawling you could do that too :)

Ellis Family said...

Hey! I say Pack and Play... they have one at babiesRus that has a removable bassinet that you can take downstairs if you need to. We are considering that one.... AND we are planning on skipping the crib all together this go around. We are going to use the pack n play and then when the baby is one move to a toddler bed (that's when the girls moved-- and did fairly well!)

Janadt.Huggins said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the name Bianca. it is adorable and it sounds great with Naomi and Gwen. I vote for the pack n play as well. Azure is still sleeping in hers. It works great. Good luck.